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Does your wardrobe contain clothes or props?

Is it time for a wardrobe declutter? Create additional space by making sure your clothes can be found easily. When deciding what to wear each day you’ll ideally want to choose from items that fit you, reflect who you are and what you like to do. There is nothing more frustrating than looking at rows of clothing and having no good option of what to wear. If you frequently find yourself saying “I’ve got nothing to wear” then perhaps it’s time to determine what counts as clothing and what is acting as a prop. Here are some tips to tell the difference.

Clothes are:

  • the correct size for your current body shape
  • age appropriate
  • reflect your current occupation
  • reflect your current interests and hobbies
  • serve a purpose

Props will:

  • not fit your current body shape
  • be aspirational
  • represent an unrealistic version of yourself
  • evoke memories
  • serve a vision
  • include mementos, collectibles and memorabilia

Most people only wear about 20 percent of what is in their wardrobe regularly. The rest is for special occasion, seasonal clothing or items that are being held onto for a unique character often know as Someday Maybe.

Your wardrobe should be made up of:

  • Clothes that fit you now
  • Clothes that make you feel great
  • Clothes that bring compliments from others when you wear them

If you are struggling to part with unworn clothing or looking for suggestions about how to donate or dispose of unwanted items perhaps it’s time for a wardrobe declutter. I offer virtual and also in-home decluttering assistance in Melbourne’s Outer East so please reach out if you could benefit from a little extra assistance. The clothing in your wardrobe should make you feel confident and positive each time you start your day.

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