Why Makings of Home?

Create a home that supports you.

Make stress and overwhelm in your home a thing of the past. Learn skills to transform your frustration and resentment into a manageable plan. Clear the clutter and embrace solutions that support you, your family and your lifestyle. Makings of Home supports clients in Knox, Maroondah and Whitehorse Council Areas.

Are you stressed and overwhelmed in your own home? You’re NOT alone. Now is the time to change that.

More Time

Being organised saves you time from searching for misplaced items.

More Harmony

A clear space equals a clear mind. Being organised increases your focus and productivity.

More Money

Being organised stops you making purchases that you don’t need.

More Freedom

Being organised means that your day will run smoother and results can be achieved with less effort.

A clean home and clear mind gives back time and energy… How to enjoy it? That choice is yours.

Hi There, I’m Nikki!

I’m a Domestic Strategist, a rather unique title that combines my twin passions of professional organising and life coaching.

I work with families to uncover what is causing the busyness, chaos and overwhelm in daily life. With my skills, insight and passion I help you discover and implement simple routines and organising solutions that foster happiness and harmony in the home, and life, of your family.

Get Organised Now

I lot of people don’t reach out to a professional believing that they should know how to organise themselves. However, like any skill, organising, is something that can be taught and you can learn.

Stop telling yourself you’ll solve your home challenges SOMEDAY and take the first step TODAY.

Ready To Transform Your Home?

Here’s how I can help:

  • Vision and goals. Clarify what you desire and dream of for your family and home. I’ll teach you how to achieve that vision.
  • Creative ideas. Uncover the cause of frustration in your home, then then allow me to provide the tools and routines to overcome them.
  • Emotions and attachment. Understand emotions that drive your desire to hold onto things. Explore strategies to understand the significance of your belongings then confidently keep or release them.
  • Support and focus. Find strategies and systems that will simplify your home and ease your over-scheduled day. Stay focused on the bigger picture to move beyond a surface level fix and into results that are manageable and sustainable.
  • Listen to you. With the right support, motivation and encouragement you can be more confident in the decisions you are making and empowered by changes you are implementing.